Branding & Promotions

We recognise that all events are different, and for your event to be unique, we can offer tailored packages which can include professional theming of both the 35m Star of the Show and 25m Bella Vista Ferris Wheels.

We can also provide additional branding for your event in the way of:

  • Flags
  • Uniforms
  • Signs
  • Stickers / wraps on gondolas
  • Labelling on entry ticket
  • Voice Overs on PA Systems
  • Website & Marketing Promotions

Star of the Show Branding

Below are some examples of recently themed activations

Star of the Show can be themed at these points:

Bella Vista Branding

Below are some examples of recently themed activations

Speak with our team about how we can assist in making your event a great success with our spectacular ferris wheels.

Staff Presentation

All staff meet a strict dress & grooming standard which
has been developed by our company.

This standard comprises of the following policies;

  • Uniform
  • Grooming & presentation
  • Punctuality
  • Training
  • Public Relations

All operators & attendants are subject to regular performance reviews & ongoing training.

Star of the Show operations team consists of:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Duty Supervisor
  • Accredited Ride Operators
  • Competent Attendants

“Regulated uniform, supervisor, accredited operators”

“The Staff of Star of the Show pride themselves on how the Team is presented!”