Vivid Sydney

On location in Darling Harbour during the Vivid Sydney event, the Star of the Show integrated a virtual lightshow control box, enabling visitors to change the 30,000 LED light show of the Ferris Wheel.

A delight to young and old, the selection of colour buttons gave the viewer the chance to switch the display colours in real time.

Vivid Sydney- Festival of Light

2 years running we have featured at the Darling Harbour event.

Imagine people walking up to this 32 metre high observation wheel and being able to change the lighting and colour spectrum with the touch of a button. With our custom lighting panel we gave the crowd the ability to change, with a touch of a button, the whole lighting scheme of the Star of the Show observation wheel to fit in with Vivid Sydney and the amazing light shows that surround it.

With 5 colour change buttons to choose from, people lit up the skyline with their favourite colours and patterns. This was a first for the Star of the Show in conjunction with the Vivid Festival. It was an amazing interactive experience for young and old alike.

Parramatta Winterlight

1 July – 17 July

Six of the twenty four Gondola’s were dressed up with rich red silk curtains and fitted with tables and plush seating for a presonalised romantic offering.

Lovers were greeted with chocolates and candles while riding in their own private gondola.

Moomba Festival

The Moomba festival happens every year on the Labor Day long weekend in Melbourne on the banks of the Yarra. fireworks displays, carnivals in the gardens along the river, river activities including watersports, water floats, the birdman rally, as well as live music and bands.

As a beautiful compliment to this iconic location; the Star of the Show was very popular at this event.

Santa Fest Darling Harbour

As an activation for Santa Fest at Darling Harbour, the Star of the Show was decorated in a Christmas theme. This included custom signage, with red carpets, Christmas decorations.

Several life sized Santas, as well as the odd reindeer, were placed around the ferris wheel to add character.