Rent a Ferris Wheel from Westshell.

Westshell is a passionate and enthusiastic family business. We specialise in operating and renting Ferris Wheels for events, festivals and promotions. Our Ferris Wheels can be rented from as little as one day.

How we work

If you are thinking about renting a Ferris Wheel, we would be only too happy to discuss the wide range of possibilities and your specific requirements with you. We also believe it is important to inspect proposed locations beforehand to make sure it is suitable.

In the run up to your event, we work with you to ensure the best results. We are very flexible and enjoy sharing our experience. Our motto is: “Nothing is too crazy, everything is possible”. For us, the old saying is literally and figuratively true; “The sky’s the limit”.

A complete package

If you rent a Ferris Wheel from Westshell, we offer a complete package that takes care of everything and ensure you have nothing to worry about.

We organise transportation, assembly and disassembly, as well as operational activities such as operating the wheel and assisting those getting on and off.

All these activities are carried out by our reliable and experienced team.

Ferris Wheel possibilities

In our experience, each client has their own specific requirements. We are only too pleased to respond to these in an original and creative way. For us, nothing is too crazy and everything is possible.

Eye-catcher at events

It seems unlikely but it really is possible. A Ferris Wheel can be rented from as little as one day. An eye-catcher of this magnitude really makes your event stand out. Your guests can enjoy a beautiful view of your event and the surroundings from high up.

Promotional tool

Do you want to promote your products in an original way? You can use a Ferris Wheel as an outstanding promotional tool. Advertising banners in the wheel are clearly visible from a distance. Gondolas can also be rapped in your company identity or made to look one of your product. It literally raises you above your competitors.