The Star Of The Show

The Star Of The Show

Australia’s first rotating gondola Ferris Wheel
Riders enjoy 360 degree views as they spin

This beautifully elegant Ferris Wheel has the pleasure of being crowned the highest, continuously travelling ferris wheel in Australia.


35m high ferris wheel

At 35 metres high, it is an awe inspiring sight with rotating gondolas that provide wonderful 360˚ views of the surroundings.

The beautifully appointed gondolas not only rotate but are fully enclosed.

The Star of the Show is the perfect experience for thrill seekers and easy riders alike.

Excitement and fun for all members of the family, young or old.

Modern Design

The Star of the Show offers modern fully enclosed gondolas, allowing for comfort and enjoyment in all weather conditions. Each gondola is lit with over 30 LED lights on the ceiling. Specifically engineered plexi glass wraps the entire gondola, providing full and unobstructed views. Sliding entry and exit doors ensure ease of embarking and disembarking.

The rotation of each gondola is manually controlled by the passengers, enabling them to rotate 360 degrees at the riders’ desired speed. Well designed platform offers ample queuing space, yet incorporates a small footprint area.

Fully enclosed entry and exit loading area.

Australia’s first rotating gondola Ferris Wheel.

Riders enjoy 360 degree views as they spin.



Mondial – World Rides Heerenveen, Holland.

144 x 75kg = 10800kg


Loading Platforms

Unloading Platforms

Max. imbalance
3 loaded gondolas

Power Supply
400 C / 3ph / 50 Hz

Main drive
4 x 9.5 kW


Width: 14.9 metres
Depth: 14.3 metres
Height: 35 metres
Wheel Diameter: 27.0 metres

Total Weight
100 Tonnes

max: 2.2 RPM

Allowed Use
Max 20 m/s wind speed coform the Australian AS/NZS 3533

Children under 8 years of age only by adults

Hydraulic System
Power Supply 2 x 5 kW (400 V / 3ph / 50Hz)

As the Star of the Show is a new ride, the manufacturer has met strict Australian design registration requirements.

The ride is serviced to a program based on the manufacturer’s requirements and Australian Standards AS3533 under a specifically defined maintenance program, supervised by our consulting engineer.

The maintenance program follows a strict schedule of daily inspections and programmed servicing at periods ranging from ten to five hundred hours of operation.

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